Featured Coffee: Five Elephant Kenya Kamwangi AA

Kamwangi is a washed process coffee from Kenya. This coffee was roasted by Five Elephant, out of Berlin, Germany. Their tasting notes are black currant, rose hip, and sweet cream. We chose to brew this coffee on the Aeropress + Disk, with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water.

Our recipe:

18g coffee — medium-fine grind
270g water — just off boil

Regular (non-inverted) method
Brew time of 2:10

Tasting notes:

This has what we would consider a classic Kenyan dry aroma, dominated by dark fruit like blackberry. In the cup, the blackberry flavor is prominent, but it’s balanced by flavors of grapefruit, a slight cinnamon-like spice, and a distinctive cream flavor. The finish is sweet and lingering.

Our take:

A typical Kenyan cup from Five Elephant. This coffee is on the bright and zesty side, with plenty of grapefruit zing to balance out its blackberry sweetness. An interesting cream note rounds out the experience.