Featured Coffee: Augies Finca Betania Pink Bourbon

Finca Betania is a yeast fermented natural process coffee from Colombia and roasted by Augies Coffee Roasters. Their tasting notes are boozy orange and tropical fruit. We chose to brew this coffee on the Aeropress + Disk, with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water.


Our recipe:

18g coffee — medium-fine grind
270g water — just off boil

Regular (non-inverted) method
Brew time of 2:10

Tasting notes:

This is one of those coffees that straddles the line perfectly between funky and delicious. We smell a ton of orange zest in the dry grounds, and once brewed the coffee displays that same orange flavor, with an added boozy component. As the coffee cools we taste additional tropical fruit. Despite the fruity flavors, the acidity is relatively low, and the coffee is balanced out by comforting nutty component. A syrupy, juicy mouthfeel rounds out this tasty cup.

Our take:

An interesting mix between wild and tame. Boozy orange flavors bring excitement, without ever tasting too fermented.