Featured Coffee: Terrain Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Damo Natural

Damo is a natural process coffee from Ethiopia. This coffee was roasted by Terrain Coffee Roasters, out of Vancouver, Washington. Their tasting notes are blackberry, caramel, and fresh sage. We chose to brew this coffee on the Aeropress + Disk, with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water.

Our recipe:

18g coffee — medium-fine grind
270g water — just off boil

Regular (non-inverted) method
Brew time of 2:00

Tasting notes:

A classic natural Ethiopian coffee, roasted to perfection. The suggested blackberry flavor is prominent, along with complimenting red fruit flavors of strawberry and raspberry. As the coffee cools, a slightly more herbal note begins to develop, reminiscent of sage or lemongrass. The coffee is sweet and juicy from beginning to finish. 

Our take:

A solid natural Ethiopian coffee from Terrain — lots of berry notes, high sweetness, and just enough complexity from the slight herbal notes.