Featured Coffee: Sweet Bloom Guatemala Augusto Castillo

This washed-processed coffee was produced in Guatemala by Augusto Castillo, and roasted by Sweet Bloom, out of Lakewood, Colorado. Their tasting notes are maple, mandarin, and Fuji apple. We chose to brew this coffee on the Kone, with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water.

Our recipe:

45g coffee — medium grind
675g water — just off boil

30 second bloom (80g)
Finished pouring at 3:00
Finished draining at 4:10

Tasting notes:

Lots of milk chocolate up front, but even on the first sip it was obvious this coffee offers complexity and depth. In alternating waves we tasted peach, fig, apple, honey, almond, and plum. The coffee has a medium mouthfeel, with a sparkling acidity that plays off the dominant milk chocolate flavor.

Our take:

A layered and complex coffee from Guatemala — plenty of milk chocolate to please someone who wants a classic cup, but enough bright and fruity notes to make it exciting for the coffee enthusiast.