Featured Coffee: Dapper & Wise Guatemala La Giralda

La Giralda is a washed process coffee from Guatemala. The Dapper & Wise tasting notes are: molasses cookie, raisin, and hazelnut. We chose to brew this coffee on the Kone, with a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water.

Our recipe:

35g coffee — medium grind
525g water — just off boil

30 second bloom (70g)
Finished pouring at 2:45
Finished draining at 4:00

Tasting notes:

On our first sips, La Giralda reminded us of walnut and green grape. The green grape notes led into a soft citrus acidity, complemented with notes of milk chocolate. As the coffee cooled, stone fruit flavors became more prominent, and we continued to taste walnut, almond, and milk chocolate. The coffee is comforting with a medium body and medium acidity.

Our take:

A nuanced, complex, and nutty coffee from Guatemala. A great daily-drinker, elevated by green grape and citrus aromatics.