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Made In USA

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Every morning we would wake up and stumble into the kitchen to make our morning coffee. There is nothing like the smell of fresh ground and brewed coffee. Our method of choice was manual drip using the Chemex Coffee Maker. Making your coffee by hand feels very rewarding and seems to bring an intimate connection to the cup.

One morning we ran out of paper filters. The hunt for a reusable filter ensued. However, we couldn’t find a filter that fit perfectly in our coffee maker as the shape was not a true cone. The available options also seemed to be of cheap build and result in a cup that didn’t taste as well as we thought it could.

On our kitchen table we sketched out an idea for a custom filter. The goal was to make a filter that produced the best coffee possible, was made with high quality construction, and was sustainable.

Thus the KONE coffee filter was born. It is a reusable filter made completely in the USA from high quality stainless steel and specifically designed to fit the Chemex Coffee Maker.

Now with a few iterations of the KONE and a few other filters later, we remain committed to continue to innovate and provide the best coffee brewing equipment possible.

Made In USA / Sustainable:

This is something very important to us. Sustainable for us is not just being aware of the environment but also aware of our local economy. What this means is that the materials and labor used to make Able products are 100% USA sourced. We are proud to be working with so many talented and hardworking people. It is because of them that this is all possible.

We also source and select other equipment needed to make your morning coffee. These products have been thoroughly tested and selected with purpose and care. Those products are made by their respective companies.

Coffee Partners

We need lots of coffee for our brewing experiments and drinking. Our friends below are gracious enough to make sure we always have enough on hand. Please take the time to visit them and try their delicious coffee.