TESTED - "Why the Chemex + Kone Filter Makes Great Coffee"

Able Brewing's Kone filter turns your finicky Chemex into a consistently awesome coffee brewer. Here's why.


"I spent most of 2010 learning how to brew coffee using pretty much every technique I could find. I loved some, I feared others, but I didn't really find anything worth sticking with until I used an Able Brewing Kone in my Chemex. With the Kone + Chemex combination, I'm able to make coffee that has the velvety mouthfeel of a French press while retaining the complexity of flavor that I love in a pour over."

"The magic of the Kone is that the finely ground coffee actually serves as a filter as well, this lets the brewing coffee linger longer in the basket and drain evenly from all parts of the filter. To really get the most out of the Kone, a pourover kettle, like the Hario Buono is necessary to get precise control over water flow and placement. As always, a good grinder is a necessity as well."

-Will Smith

April, 16 2012 - TESTED.com