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We've received a lot of questions regarding our Gold Series filters: the Gold Kone, Gold DISK, and Gold DISK Fine.

Our Gold Series filters were originally designed to be prizes for barista competitions. We started to receive requests that they be available for purchase, so we added them to the website last year.


The Gold Series Kone, DISK, and DISK Fine perform very similarly to their stainless steel counterparts, with two minor exceptions:

1. Gold is chemically unaltered by air, moisture, and almost everything else, so it doesn't impart any taste into the cup. We can't taste any steel when we brew with the Kone and DISK -- stainless steel is itself very resistant to corrosion, and should not impart any taste under normal use -- but science says that gold is even more resistant.

2. The gold filters are more slippery than their steel brothers. This makes them slightly easier to clean. We've also found the coffee bed to sink more readily in the Gold Kone, perhaps allowing for a more even extraction.

Should I buy one? 

We think our Gold Series filters are the best filters we make -- for their unreactive chemical nature, their easiness to clean, and, in the case of the Gold Kone, the way the coffee bed sinks so evenly. They also look fantastic. That said, it's hard for us to spot a noticeable difference in taste from coffee brewed with our Gold Series filters. Their price is not representative of a massive jump in performance; instead, it's reflective of the costs associated with having a jeweler gold-plate stainless steel objects in limited quantities. Gold is expensive!

Ultimately, our Gold Series filters are designed to be the finest expression of the products we make and love. They look beautiful, clean easily, and make a great cup of coffee. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

- Grahm

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You know the old saying about being curious and the cat. Well this is not that story. True the factor of gold was the very thing that peak my interest in the quality of the brewing. But as those who have come before me know, great coffee really comes down to managing the two sides of the equation. The water side & the coffee side. But specifically, when using this filter the grind is absolutely critical to getting an outstanding result. In my head, I had seen it so very clearly. That this reuseable filter would be on my must have equipment list to do brewing with. Immersion brewing that is, not pour over. So armed with a Bonvita immersion ceramic brewer and their variable temp kettle I proceeded to play with the elements. Baratza Encore did the grinding and Peets coffee supplied the beans. Over the course of several months I played with various temps on the water side which was origin specific and the grind played a more pronounced factor in getting the very best from my coffee bean selections. But it was Able’s gold filter that brought the ritual altogether. It’s true more oils with easier clean up made owning this gem of a device a joy to use. To date I’ve used it everyday of the week since receiving it in early December, 2014 and I am very pleased with the results. If you are a person who loves being in control of most of the aspects of the art and the craft of coffee brewing then take my word of advice and invest in the last coffee filter you’ll ever need to purchase and in doing so help our planet just a little in the process. One last thing, I always get kick at how great the gold just pops on my kitchen counter. It gives me a satisfying reminder that this is awesome way to create a great cup of coffee any time I’m up to the task. Cheers.

David March 08, 2015

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