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Able Brewing - Launch

I am proud and honored to welcome you to the Able Brewing website. This has been some months in the making. Designed and built by truly talented and awesome people! 


For the design and branding of Able I had the pleasure of working with Josh and Colby, the two masterminds behind Jolby. Their longtime friend Chris, who does website coding for Cuban Council, is the man who took the design and concept from graphics and turned into a functional and fluid website. A huge thank you to Josh, Colby, Chris and all the folks at Cuban Council!

A huge shout out to Jelani Memory for all the beautiful photos and video! It's been great working with him and even getting to help with some camera work along the way. Please check out his work and upcoming projects.


Some of you may have heard or even had the opportunity to try the DISK-Fine. This was the response to interest for a filter with smaller, closer spaced holes for the AeroPress. We released 100 pre-production units and got them in the hands of coffee professionals and home brewers. Its reception has been extremely positive. The fate of being released was put in the hands of the testers. Should we make this? Due to the overwhelming response we have decided to offer it alongside the standard DISK. You can read all the reviews and see photos from the testers at prima coffee blog .


A couple months ago we announced a new version of the KONE was in the works. First reactions to the news were filled with questions and excitement. The most common being a simple “Why?” During the past few years a lot has been learned. Your input led to the second generation of the filter being released last year. It was a great improvement on the original. Most issues were solved with its release. But what if we could solve them all? So with more research, testing and investment we set out to do just that. The result is what we think should be the last iteration of the filter. 

4 features that have been changed:

  1. The lip is now an injection molded plastic ring.

    1. Protect the user from cuts
    2. Keeps the filter floating for better coffee extraction
    3. Add strength and structure integrity
    4. Allow for better filter media to be used
  2. Tip is now blunted and sealed.

    1. Issue of gap at tip solved
    2. Protects user from cuts / safer 
    3. Add strength and structure integrity
  3. Thinner stainless with smaller holes.

    1. Cleaner cup of coffee for increased clarity and flavor
    2. Easier to use as a result of improved flow rate and extraction
  4. New custom printed packaging.

    1. Adds easy to read and follow instructions
    2. Printed in Oregon, FSC certified and post-consumer recycled

KONE Brewing system:

We really wanted a way to showcase the KONE's unique coffee. So we teamed up with a local ceramic studio here in Portland with the goal of producing a manual brewer that is as versatile as possible, a joy to use and a centerpiece in your home. The brewer beautifully houses the KONE and after the coffee is done dripping, the filter support can be removed and replaced by an elegant lid. Up to 32 ounces of Coffee can be served directly from the kettle. While designing the brewer, we also realized that with the KONE resting inside the kettle you could steep a full pot of tea.



All of this work would not be possible without the support and success of the previous filters, and it was you that helped bring all of these ideas into a reality. With that in mind, to celebrate the release of the new KONE, we wanted to come up with a way to offer it at a promotional price. That is why we have decided to do a Kickstarter campaign. On Kickstarter you will be able to get the new KONE at an early offer of $45 (USA shipping included) (retail will be $60) as well as pre-order the new KONE Brewing System.


Again thank you kindly for all the encouragement and support!

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