Hot summer days call for tasty cold brew coffee and sweet treats! We put together this COOL list of our favorite brew recipes and methods to share with you. Enjoy!

What You'll Need:
Chemex Coffee Maker + Kone Coffee Filter (Watermelon optional) 
45g of your favorite coffee
270g cubed ice
405ml filtered water

STEP 1: Add 270g of cubed ice to the bottom of your Chemex Coffee Maker.

STEP 2: Place your Kone Coffee Filter into the carafe. 

STEP 3: Add 45g of freshly ground coffee (medium-fine grind size) grind setting 17 on your Baratza Virtuoso. 

STEP 4: Saturate the bed of coffee grounds with 75ml water. (We recommend a water temperature of about 205 degrees F or 30sec off a boil). Let the coffee and water get to know each other for 30-45 second. 

STEP 5: Continue pouring the remaining 330ml water over the bed of coffee grounds. 

STEP 6: (optional) While the coffee is finishing its brew process, enjoy your favorite summer snack. 

STEP 7: Serve and Enjoy! For a more creamy taste try it with a splash of cream or almond milk. 

What You'll Need:
70g of your favorite coffee. We are in love with the Guji from Local 123
1,000ml filtered water (room temperature or cold) 

STEP 1: Place your Kone Coffee Filter into the Kone Brewing System pitcher.

STEP 2: Add 70g of freshly ground coffee. (medium grind size) 

STEP 3: Slowly begin pouring the cool filtered water over the bed of coffee grounds. 1,000ml total. 

STEP 4: Put the lid on and place in the fridge for 24hrs.

Serve & Enjoy!


What You'll Need: 
Vanilla Ice Cream. We love Steves Bourbon Vanilla  
25g of your favorite coffee. Chromatic Coffee/s is always a good idea
75ml water preferably 30 seconds off a boil or about 205 degrees F

STEP 1: Make a delicious coffee/espresso using your AeroPress + Disk Filter. We really enjoy the following recipe: Inverted method / 25g coffee (fine grind size) / 70ml water / 1 min steep time.

STEP 2: Add a scoop/s of your favorite ice cream to a bowel or cup.

STEP 3: Splash that delicious espresso over the ice cream and enjoy!

Other Summer Treats!


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