Cleaning your KONE and DISK Coffee Filter + Brewing Equipment
Recommended Essentials: 
Wash filters same day of use for optimal cleaning and performance
Fragrant Free Soap by: Seventh Generation
Cleaning Brush by: Chemex

After knocking the used coffee grounds into your compost bin. Rinse the filter to remove any left behind coffee sludge.

Once the filter is rinsed. Apply a fragrant free soap to help breakdown any left behind oils and coffee particles. Why fragrant free? No one wants their coffee to taste like soapy lavender.
Using a scented soap will likely alter the taste of your next cup.

After you apply the soap, it is important to massage the soap into the filter inside and out.
This will help dislodge any coffee particles from the filter holes. 



Note: The KONE Coffee filter is also Dishwasher safe. (top rack recommended)  

Cleaning the DISK Coffee Filter
After you've enjoyed your cup of coffee and the AeroPress has cooled down. Remove the DISK filter by sliding it off the coffee bed, then discharge the coffee grounds into your compost bin.


Apply a fragrant free soap to help breakdown any left behind oils and coffee particles.

Massage the soap into the filter with your thumb and index finger.



Note: The DISK Coffee Filter is also Dishwasher safe.

Cleaning Your Brewing Equipment:
Keeping your brewing equipment clean is an important step to always enjoying delicious coffee.
Rinse daily, wash weekly. 


Has anyone tried using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner on these filters? It seems they cannot be completely unclogged/cleaned using traditional methods. I’ve tried the soap finger message, which doesn’t do much, except contaminate with soap the organic material that lingers, and that’s no more unclogged than just water and fingers. I also tried my ultrasonic toothbrush, which was a little bit better at removing clogs. But I don’t want to wear out my toothbrush cleaning my coffee filter. I would have to buy an ultrasonic cleaner, the cheapest being about $35USD. The AeroPress only costs $32…

Chris March 27, 2016

My disc (fine) clogged in concentric circles (based on grid of the filter cap). Tried soaking, tried boiling, tried soaking in vinegar, tried using kitchen sink hose/spray head as “power washer”, tried all above in conjunction w/ scullery brush. NOTHING would get it clean.

THEN I tried my electric tooth brush. New (dedicated) head, filter supported on damp washcloth on kitchen counter, spray off w/ hose/spray head between “scrubs”. Eureka!

Works w/ or w/o soap. Got every little hole clear again. Doesn’t take long, do NOT have to do it every time you use, and is the end of a SEVERE aggravation.

Hope this ends someone else’s frustration.

Happy Brewing!

Jerry Lawler June 24, 2015

am wondering, would white vinegar keep our filters clear and keep holes from clogging up, if left to soak there? This would apply to the cone as well as the disc filters? Thanks!

Ronie March 03, 2015


We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble cleaning your filter. Have you tried using a dish soap when washing the filter? We have had 100% success when messaging the filter with our thumb and fingers using the above soap. If this does not work, please send us a direct message at so we can assist you in more detail.

Able Brewing October 22, 2014

I’m really having trouble getting the holes around the top of the filter clean.

Once you get some dried coffee bits in there no amount of cleaning will dislodge them.

I’ve soaked it in hot water for hours to no avail, the next step is maybe a pressure washer? Any tips would be appreciated.

Jake September 21, 2014

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