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DISK-FINE: Recipes

We asked for your help in coming up with the Disk-Fine instructions. Below is the winning submission along with the other finalists. Thanks to everyone who participated. Give them a try and feel free to submit your own or feedback in the comments.

Jesse Gordon * (WINNER) 

  1. Inverted
  2. 22g coffee
  3. Medium-fine grind
  4. 200ml water
  5. Pour 100ml of the water
  6. Stir 3-4 times
  7. Pour remaining 100ml
  8. Steep for 1:00
  9. Quickly flip and press for 15 seconds, stopping when you hear the “hiss"
  10. Add 3-4 ounces of water post-brew


Chris Ayers

  1. Non-Inverted
  2. 16g coffee
  3. Medium grind
  4. 220ml water
  5. Pour 50ml of the water
  6. Stir 5 times
  7. Continue adding water until you reach 220ml
  8. Place plunger on top, just enough to stop coffee from exiting into the cup
  9. At 1:15 begin pressing
  10. Finish at 1:45, right before the “hiss”


Collin Moody

  1. Inverted
  2. 15.5g coffee
  3. Medium-fine grind
  4. 250ml water
  5. Flip at 1:00
  6. Press at 2:15
  7. Finish at 2:30



  1. Non-Inverted
  2. 19g coffee
  3. Medium-fine grind
  4. 290ml water
  5. Start timer. Pour 30ml over 10 seconds, stir, and let sit 60 seconds
  6. Add 260ml of water over 30 seconds, stir, and let sit 30 seconds
  7. Press for 30 seconds to the “hiss” sounds, and no more


Niels Verkade

  1. Non-Inverted 
  2. 18g coffee 
  3. Coarser grind 
  4. 300ml water 
  5. Give AeroPress a good “twirl” 
  6. Pour water along sides of AeroPress 
  7. Give two short bottom stirs 
  8. Plunge


Tom Baker

  1. Inverted
  2. 19-20g coffee
  3. Coarse grind
  4. 200ml water
  5. Set timer to 3:30 and add 200ml of water
  6. With a minute remaining on timer, give a light stir, just enough to break up the crust
  7. As the timer runs out, cap and then plunge
  8. Add 100ml of water to the brew, stir, and serve


  1. Areopress, Chemex, and the list goes on. So many ways to brew coffee. I wake up every morning and find my self contemplating what am I going to try next.

    I have been having a lot of fun, this last week with the recipes posted pertaining to the areopress, but was thinking it would be cool to do the same thing for the Kone.

    Cheers, Sean!

    Posted by Sean Tobin
  2. I find Jeff Verellen’s winning recipe from the World Aeropress Championship adapted very well to using the Disk-Fine. ( Here’s my adaptation of his recipe.

    Heat water to 90c. Attach Disk-Fine filter to AeroPress and place press (non-inverted ) on the receiver. Pour some hot water through the AeroPress to preheat. I pour down the side as I spin the AeroPress to preheat.

    Grind 17g fresh beans to medium-fine (20 on my Baratza Encore). Discard the hot water in the receiver from preheat, then add the ground coffee to the AeroPress.

    Slowly pour 50g of water at 83c over all the grounds to wet and bloom for about 40-45 seconds.

    After bloom, very slowly start to pour 215g of water at 79c for about 30 seconds. When you pour, try to re-wet the coffee and not separate the wet coffee bed. A good pour-over kettle will help with this.

    Press gently for about 30 seconds. Leave about 50g of slurry in the AeroPress and discard. Gently pour your brew from the receiver into your cup and savor!

    Posted by M Dominguez

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