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Suggested Brewing Methods: 

Suggested Brew Recipe (2-4cups):

  • Coffee: 45g
  • Water: 750ml.
  • 3:00 minute pour time.
  • 4:00 minute drip time.


Weigh 45g of your favorite coffee.

(Pictured: Coffee brew scale + timer by Hario)

Grind fresh coffee to a medium-fine grind size.

We highly recommend the Baratza Virtuoso (Grind Setting: 15-17)

(Zero out your scale.)

Start your timer and begin pouring 75ml of water slowly over the bed of the coffee grounds.

The purpose of this step is to introduce the coffee to the water by adding just enough water to saturate the coffee grounds.

(Avoid pouring near the sidewalls of the KONE Filter.)

Allow the coffee and water to get to know each other for approximately 45 seconds.

The small bubbling you might see is caused by gases being released from the coffee. This is good and means the coffee is fresh.

After 45 seconds, begin pouring water nice and steady in the center of the coffee bed.

The KONE loves a nice steady pour in the center.

(Over agitating the coffee bed can cause the brew to slow down.)

At approximately 300ml carefully start spiraling your pour outwards, just enough to break the (crust) top layer of the coffee bed. 

Then back to the center for the remainder of the pour.

Finish pouring water around 3:00 - 3:30min // 750ml total water 

Total Drip Time: approximately 4:00min 



Helpful Tips: 

  • Have fun, experiment, and adjust to your taste.
  • Medium roasted coffee is recommended.
  • Clean Filtered water = Fresh delicious coffee. 
  • The ideal water temperature is 195-205f.
  • If your total drip time is much less than 4:00min: Adjust your grind setting to be more fine.
  • If your total drip time is much longer than 4:00min: Adjust your grind setting to be more coarse.
  • Keep your brewing equipment clean. (more tips on this, coming soon...)

Interested in brewing just one cup of coffee?! Here is a recipe that we enjoy!

  • Coffee: 25g.
  • Water: 400ml.
  • Pre wet the coffee grounds with 50ml water. Let coffee rest for 45sec.
  • Total Pour Time: 2:00min approx.
  • Total Drip Time: 3:00min approx.



  1. Hi, any plans to make a smaller one? I have a Hario 250ml Wooden Neck Drip Pot and am not sure if this filter will work with it or not.

    Posted by Tony

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